Terms and Conditions

About the subscription

This program is delivered to you by Champion IT Pty Ltd (‘Champion IT’).

Your subscription to this program entitles you to: a website; all content delivered to that website (articles, e-books, videos); regular email campaigns to your clients (provided by you) and your list of potential clients (provided by you); infrequent minor website detail changes (maximum 15 minutes per request and total time spent per billing cycle is capped at 1 hour);

The service is opt-in. You opt-in by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

You may opt-out at any time with 30-days’ notice.


All payments are to be direct debited.

Usage rights and ownership of material

All material provided by this program is owned by Champion IT.

You may use the material during your subscription. You may assert co-authorship of the materials.

If you end your subscription, all rights to use the materials ends. You may not subsequently use any of the materials without prior written consent from Champion IT Pty Ltd.


You agree your personal details will be collected and stored by Champion IT and used to manage your subscription and provide the services.

Your obligations

You agree that your domain name registration, renewal, hosting and management are your responsibility.

You agree that Champion IT does not manage your email system or hosting and it is your responsibility to communicate with your email host/provider should you have any issue or questions regarding your email.

You warrant that all information provided by you is accurate. You will immediately notify Champion IT if you become aware that there are any inaccuracies in the materials provided.

You warrant that you will not engage in any misleading or deceptive conduct with regard to any services provided within this program.

You agree to notify Champion IT of any change in your circumstances that affects the service being provided to you.

You agree not to misuse any materials or services provided to you through this program. This includes an agreement not to use the materials in a way that contradicts this agreement or any law that relates to such use.

You agree not to provide access to subscription material and services to people who are not subscribers to this program and to not sub-licence the materials in any way.

Our obligations

We agree to provide all services described in this agreement in a professional and timely way.

Champion IT reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions from time to time.